Care of Mastitis
Teat Care is a special blend of herbs having antibacterial,
anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties to remove
inflammatory pain and swelling of udder associated with
Teatcare contains the herbs like – Acorus Calamus, Allivum
Sativum, Boswllia Serrata, Azadirachta indica, Cinchona
officinale, Curcuma longa, Nyctanthes arbortristis, Apium
graveolens, Negella sativa, Vitmin E, Calcium and
Benefits :
 Prevents Mastitis by minimising the bacterial
infections to the udder and teats
 Reduces pain and swelling by its antiinflammatory
 Treats mastitis of variable etiology
 Helps in dissolution of fibrosis of mamary gland.
Dosage: Oral administration
Gives 20-30 gm. Teat Care orally (or) two bolus -7 days
to get a complete cure (or) as advised by a veterinarian.
Impartant Note :
To prevent mastitis, wash the teats & udder regularly
before & after each milking.
Packs : 100 gm.