Feed Supplement for Better Performance and Prevention of CRD

Composition: Each kg contains
Tylosin Phosphate activity : 100 gms
Carrier : Q.S.

Benefits :
1. Prevents the incidence of CRD.
2. Reduces the severity of the CRD and its losses.
3. Helps to increase growth and body weight in Broilers.
4. Helps to increase Egg production in Layers.
5. Helps to increase the fertility and hatchability in Breeders.

Dosage :
Layers: From 16th week to 42nd week -500 gms/ metric ton of feed
From 42nd week onwards till culling: 200 gm/metric ton of feed
Broilers: Day one to till culling: 200 gms/metric ton of feed
Breeders: From 16th week to till culling : 500 gms/metric ton of feed (or) as advised by a Veterinarian

Presentation : 1kg. pouch.