Extra Trace Mineral Concentrate
Composition :
Each 1 kg. contains
Manganese : 80.000 gm.
Zinc : 80.000 gm.
Copper : 60.000 gm.
Selenium : 0.300 gm.
Iodine : 1.000 gm.
Cobalt : 1.000gm

Prevents : Leg weakness, lameness, loose shell eggs, thin shell
eggs, shell breakage, rough shelled eggs, poor feathering, poor hatchability,
poor growth, bone deformities etc.
Improves : Bone strength, egg quality, egg quantity, growth, body
weight, health, activeness, immunity, growth, body weights etc.
Indications :
• As a routine trace minerals feed additive.
• During deficiency symptoms of trace minerals like
lameness, leg weakness, poor eggshell quality etc.
• As a peformance booster.
Regular use : 1kg. / ton of feed.
During severe stress / Deficiency :
double the dose
(or) as advised by a Veterinarian.
Presentation :25 kg. paper laminated bags.