Pond Freshner & Performance Enhancer

TRIPLE FRESH contains the following ingredients in suitable proportions… Multi Herbal Powder HSCAS (Minerals) Dried bacillus subtillis added with Yucca Powder

• Acts as best natural food supplier.
• Rapidly absorbs toxic gases such as NH3, H2S…
• Eliminates bad odours from pond water.
• Promotes fertility of pond bottom.
• Enhances plankton growth.
• Makes pond environment pollution free.
• Prevents external infections & diseases.
• Makes the shrimp to feed better for better growths & weights.

Dosages : In Pond :
Use During pond Preparation:
10 kg /one acre of pond water.
Use During Culture : 5.0 kg /one acre of pond water./1-2 weeks
In Feed : 5-10 kg. / metric ton of feed 2 days every week.
(or) as advised by an aqua consultant.
Application : Throw to pond directly.
Presentation : 20 kg