For Growth Promoter, Performance Booster,Turbidity Reducer & Sludge Reducer

Composition :
TURBEX contains minerals added with enzymes (feed grade).
Benefits :
• Reduces turbidity of pond water fastly
• Makes suitable environment for photosynthesis activities of phytoplankton
• Promotes the growth of plankton in pond water (natural food)
• Improves dissolved oxygen levels
• Decreases ammonia and toxic gasses in water
• Gills become very fresh
• Provides more space for swimming in the pond bottom l Reduces
sludge level in pond bottom
• Helps for better survivals and more yields
• Eliminates off flavors from the pond
• Helps for better growth, body weights
• Ponds becomes totally fresh l Animals becomes totally very active & stress free.

Dosage : 1.0 kg / one Acre pond water
In High Turbidity / Sludge Condition: Repeat dosages for 1 or 2 times in 4-5 days intervals (or) as per advice of an aqua consultant.
In Feed: 5 grams / kg of feed as nutrient provider & growth promoter.

Application : Mix with 50 kg of fine sand and broadcast uniformly throughout the pond water.
Precaution : Provide acration 30 minutes before abd 1 hour after application of turbex aqua.

Presentation:1 kg