Special Chelated / Organic Mineral Supplement

Benefits :
• Makes the pond water rich with essential minerals in ionic form which helps for etter growth of animals.
• Enhances the Bio Mineralization process in aqua culture ponds.
• Prevents problems like loose shell, soft shell, body cramps etc of shrimp.
• Helps for growth of high quality phytoplankton which helps for increase of DO level and decrease COD & BOD levels of pond water.
• Increases survivals rate.
• Helps to attain better muscle strength, shell formation, better growth, body weight etc.

Dosage: in Pond :  Regular use : 5-10 kg/acre – every
week  During soft shell, improver moulting and in
risk conditions : 10-15 kg/acre (after 6.00 p.m.) 
For blooms and water colour preperation (plankton
purpose) : 10-15 kg/acre  For pond preperation :
10-15 kg/acre – one day before stocking (8.00 a.m.-
10.00 a.m.) In Feed : 5-10 kg/metric ton of feed (or)
as advised by an aqua consultant.
The recommended quantity of V-MIN, directly
broadcast in aquaculture ponds uniformly.
Presentation : 10 kg.