Vitamins & Mineral Supplement

  • VITA COMPLETE specially formulated for horses as a Premium grade multivitamin feed supplement.
  • VITA COMPLETE supplies all essential nutrients commonly deficient in many rations.
  • VITA COMPLETE useful & very Safe for pregnant mares, lactating mares, stallions and foals.
  • VITA COMPLETE contains excellent quality ingredients in a highly palatable form specifically formulated for pleasure horses.
  • VITA COMPLETE improves skeletal structurebones, muscles, tendons & skin coat.
  • VITA COMPLETE improves immunity, growth, & breeding performance.
  • VITA COMPLETE is essential for energy conversion from carbohydrate, fat & proteins.

Dosage: Mix in feed.
Horses in work: 50-60 gram daily.
Spelling horses: 25-35 gram daily.
Show horses and ponies: 25-35 gram daily (or) as advised by a veterinarian or equine specialist.

Presentation: 10 kg.