Yeast Nutrient

Composition :
YEASTIN consists the specially grown Saccharomyces boulardii with Nutrients for aqua culture use (Feed grade).

Benefits :

Improves the level of production, FCR and lowers the feed costs.
• Increases efficiency in the use of feed ingredients.
• Shrimp grows very fast with better health & immunity.
• Improves the growth and survivals.
• Enhances the disease resistance of culture shrimps.
• Reduces all kinds of stress factors.

Dosage :
In the Ponds: 500 gram / one Acre water area (or) as advised by an aqua consultant.

Application :
Put 500 gm of YEASTIN with 5.0 kg of jaggery in 20-30 liters of water and keep for 12-15 hours. Apply the mixture in the pond water uniformly.
In Feed : 5-10 gm / kg of feed
Mix the recommended quantity of YEASTIN in feed with the suitable binder and dry for few minutes before use (or) as per the advice of an aqua consultant.

Presentation : 1 kg