Zeolite added with Multi Minerals (Nutrients)

Zeolite Supplement with Minerals in suitable proportion.
Benefits :

• Develops phytoplankton & algal blooms in pond water.
• Makes desired water coloration.
• Promotes natural food sources to prawn/fish.
• Liquefies suspended organic particles in water.
• Inhibits the growth of pathogenic micro organisms.
• Reduces the sludge volume.
• Decomposes high organic matters.
• Reduces the toxic gases.
• Helps for more production and survivals.
Dosage : Use in Pond water : 5-10 Kg.per 1 Acre of pond water area/ 10-20 days intervals (or) as advised by an Aqua consultant.
In Feed : 10 gm/Kg of feed /3 days in a week.
Application: Mix requires quantities in 20-30 Kg of fine sand and broadcast throughout pond during sunlight period.
Presentation : 25 Kgs. bag