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Health Care Products
That Provide Overall Solution

As an honest among horse and camel health care product manufacturers in India that caters to the health and treatment needs of all animals, International Health Care manufactures and markets quality horse and camel health care products. To strengthen its commanding position in this realm, each product is designed to provide overall solution for greater improvement of Horses and Camels – the best of growth, health and well-being.

From Probiotics, Energy/Blood Boosters, and Antacids to Acidifier & Conditioner, Coolant & Relaxant, Laxative & Purgative and more, the finest among horse medicine manufacturers and exporters in Vijayawada, India brings in the quality stamp of PVS Groups’ over 25 years of methodical research and assured performance.

As a quality name in horse electrolyte supplement manufacturers in India, the company is unrelentingly engaged in absolute animal health through better medications. No wonder the horse and camel health care products of International Health Care fully meet or even exceed the expectations of valued customers not only in India but worldwide.

Horse and camel health care products manufacturers